A true alternative

A true alternative

Torrefaction is an established method to produce biocoal: a homogenous, pulverizable and inert biofuel with significantly higher energy values than the original feedstock. Biocoal can serve as a green fuel replacement for conventional coal, directly at a power plant.

But then why…
…is not every plant using biocoal, instead of widely-used conventional coal that negatively impacts the environment? The answer is quite simple: it’s too expensive. On the current competitive energy market, biocoal is no match for conventional coal, which can be produced at significantly lower prices. Without governmental support, biocoal can’t be a green substitute for coal.

Two-step approach
Torrgas found a solution. We added another important second step to the value chain: the gasification of torrefied biomass. This two-step approach allowed us to create biobased syngas from modular skids. Modular gas is a tar and nitrogen-free syngas, that can be used directly as a sustainable drop-in gas for existing gas burners, or upgraded into what we call happy chemistry.


By gasifying torrefied biomass, we create the byproduct biochar. Biochar is frequently regarded as waste in the energy market, but not by us. We strive for total efficiency in every step of our production process and have incorporated biochar in our business model to much success. The result is impressive: our two-step approach now makes modular gas a serious competitor for its fossil equivalents, without any governmental support.


Progress needs innovation, while innovation leads to progress.