How was the process developed?

The founders of Torrgas, Robin Post van der Burg and Erwin Eijmans, have 15 years of experience with torrefaction, the process that creates biocoal. They are passionate about increasing the profile of biocoal and developing a long-term viable and sustainable product. The reputation of biocoal currently suffers because it cannot compete with cheap but damaging fossil fuels like coal. The founders of Torrgas have developed a way to create sustainable biocoal, but without governmental support biocoal will never be able to supersede fossil coal.

But what if we regard biocoal not as an end product, but as an intermediate product?

By gasifying biocoal, we upgrade the viability of biocoal significantly. By splitting torrefied biomass into its most valuable components, Torrgas not only mitigates the technology risks (stable feedstock, no slagging and no tars) but also creates the opportunity to increase revenues from the same amount of biowaste.

Torrgas built a demo installation at DNV GL in the northern Dutch city of Groningen to prove this principle. This led to a successful business model for upgrading gas. This in turn paved the way for Torrgas’ first commercial modular-syngas plant in Delfzijl, a 20 MW biorefinery, that can produce syngas, char and a platform for a wide variety of biochemical applications.