Does biofuel compete with food production?

You mean the so-called fuel over food issue? In some areas, it indeed happens: farmers start to grow biomass instead of food, because they can make more profit when their crops are used for fuel production.

Mostly this happens when the biofuel production chain is highly subsidized by governmental programs, to increase and improve bio-energy output.

Of course, this is also a start to a green future and we don’t want to turn this method down so directly. But at Torrgas, however, we prefer to upgrade the ‘ligno-cellulosic fibrous feedstock’, which does not put fuel over food on the table.

The what?
The ligno-cellulosic fibrous feedstock is a biowaste product from agricultural or forestry production processes. Examples are bagasse, cornstover, husk – but also bark, wood residues and grasses.