Can you create a competitive business model with green syngas?

Sustainability is a logical business case: when the resources are unlimited and used in the right way, it is certainly lessdamaging to the environment and can be produced at equal cost levels to, or even cheaper than, its fossil equivalents.

With this in mind, we developed our two-step approach. This is a valuable syngas with zero emissions, which can be used – directly as drop-in gas in pre-existing gas burners or as a starting point – to create biobased chemicals.

Low sulfur biochar
Not only syngas is created: at least 30% of the torrefied mass is converted into char, which is called biochar. It has a significantly lower sulfur content (a total of only 0.5-0.8%) and is carbon neutral. TheĀ emission of sulfur is highly restricted by EU regulations, which results in a considerable demand for biochar with a low sulfur level. This enables us to offer our customers a guaranteed long term supply of char at a competitive price.

By combining these two revenue streams we can generate superior value for our licensees, from biowaste previously regarded as worthless. This in turn creates a valuable, circular and sustainable business model.