We dare to think smaller

We dare to think smaller

Our syngas is a key building block for any type of molecule. With this in mind, we keep on searching for different markets. The smaller niche markets as well.

This this creates a good basis for a wide variety of commercial applications and allows us to continue developing the process of establishing a biobased society.

For example
Did you know that our high-grade syngas cannot only be converted into widespread biobased chemicals, but even into safe and nutritious animal food? This is a beneficial product that can be used for all types of production cycles.

Similarly we keep looking for new uses for our biochar, instead of regarding it as a worthless byproduct. Our char has a very high carbon content and does not emit any harmful fumes. It can therefore be used as a safe and inexpensive replacement for traditionally-used fuels such as BBQ-briquettes. Another quality of our char is its high porosity. Due to this it can be implemented as fertilizer to make poor topsoil more nutritious for crop production or as a feedstock for activated carbon.

Broader vision, smaller markets
We believe that real solutions will not only be found with a broader vision, but also by thinking smaller. We dare to create products that can be used for large-scale processes, but also for smaller biochemical applications. This gives biorefinement the edge over its fossil competitors.

A key building block for any type of moleculedecentral-energy