Torrgas was founded with the mission to develop a technological and economically competitive energy solution using biowaste. Our contribution is to build a technology value chain for the production of alternative fuels and bioproducts that reduce reliance on petroleum and gas.

This has the ability to realistically meet growing energy demands without impacting the economics of food production or posing a threat to natural habitats.

Our company is built around a team of world-class professionals with expertise in torrefaction, gasification, biomass and in creating and building successful sustainable businesses. Our team strongly believes that renewable energy and biobased chemicals and fuels can be produced in an economical, sustainable and decentralized manner.


A.Hak Renewable Energy

logo-ahakWe design, build and operate energy systems that can make the world less dependent on fossil fuels, that is what A.Hak Renewable Energy is about. Smart solutions to conserve energy, produce clean energy from biomass waste and generate sustainable energy locally. Solutions that usually start with a good idea. Project development, our first core activity, aims at transforming that idea into a feasible and financeable business case. Our second core activity seamlessly links to this: as a EPC contractor we carry out projects from start to finish. A.Hak’s clients and partners thereby profit from over 50 years experience in the field of energy infrastructure. We believe in bio-renewables. The annual global primary production of woody biomass is equivalent to 4,500 Exajoules (EJ) of solar energy captured each year. This can cover 8 times the world wide energy need (600 EJ/y). You only have to find a way making biomass worth tradable. We mean worth to transport, store and utilize. That’s why a.hak invested in the torrefaction value chain. Torr-Coal turns biomass waste stream into a high energy bio-coal. Torrgas adds maximum value to bio-coal at the end of the torrefaction value chain.

A. de Jong Groep

adejongA. de Jong Group was founded in 1877. Since then it has developed into one of the largest and most experienced providers of industrial gas and oil-fired burner systems and HVAC installations. A. de Jong Group has offices in Schiedam, Zaandam, Hilversum and Delft and serves customers all over the world. A. de Jong Group is a family owned business specialized in environmental and energy technology. As our strategic and technology partner A. de Jong Group has been closely involved in the development of Torrgas proprietary gasification technology.


logo-2Gasunie (N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie) is a European gas infrastructure company. Gasunie’s network ranks among the largest high pressure gas pipeline grids in Europe, consisting of approximately 15,500 kilometers of pipeline in the Netherlands and northern Germany, dozens of installations and approximately 1,300 gas receiving stations. Gasunie offers transport services via its subsidiaries Gasunie Transport Services B.V. (GTS) in the Netherlands and Gasunie Deutschland in Germany. With its cross-border gas infrastructure and its services Gasunie facilitates TTF, which has developed into a leading and strongly growing European gas trading hub. The company also offers other services in the gas infrastructure field, including gas storage and LNG and develops projects and tailored business models in renewable energy.


AkzoNobelAkzoNobel N.V. is a Dutch multinational, active in the fields of decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company has activities in more than 80 countries, and employs approximately 47,000 people. AkzoNobel was ranked number one on the influential Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the fourth consecutive year in 2015.